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Welcome to Falcon Pad !

Discover without delay an innovative complete solution never before offered in cryptocurrency !

We support you every step of the way for your success !

Falcon Pad is a project deployed on the CRONOS blockchain !

Why Falcon Pad ?

For several months now, the Falcon team has been working on trying to solve the security problems in the cryptocurrency world.

The various scanners and other contract analyzers have shown their limits. Indeed, scammers are competing in ingenuity to create SlowRug, Rug, Honeypot, wallet hijacking…

The trend is spreading to all blockchain this is, in particular, due to the decrease in fees that we all want.

The FALCONPAD token is intended to be a community token, with great ambition. To hold it is to be at the heart of the FALCONPAD environment and also and above all to be a priority on innovative and secure projects.

The certanity that FALCON PAD to be a leading project is distinguished by the choice to be backed by no other token and offers no reward for reflection.

Experience shows us that projects offering reflections are not listed on large exchanges.

Everything Customized to YOU

We support you in the most important steps to guarantee a successful launch in cryptocurrency, contract, deployment, marketing, and many other solutions.


Together with you, we search the best way for your project.


Your security : a tailor-made contract, is the key to your success!


We help you, hand in hand, to build your project.


The ambition of the FALCON PAD is threefold

– To allow creators of innovative projects to launch their project without any pre-requisite in the programming of the contract. Indeed, an innovative and clever system makes this possible.

– To offer a second and better life to tokens already launched with a team already constituted but which lacks volume or visibility.

– To allow isolated, motivated and serious developers to propose their innovative contracts.

The heart of the project is security, its ambition is great

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