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Frequently Asked



How to buy ?

The platform chosen to launch the FalconPad is CRONASWAP.

► Connect your wallet to https://app.cronaswap.org/swap
► Swap to, Enter address contract: 0x….
► Swap $CRO for FalconPad token


What is the FalconPad project in a few words ?

The project is based on 3 missions :

1) Supporting and accompanying creators of innovative projects by making the infrastructure and its expertise available. The entire ecosystem and community for the success of the project.

2) Offer a second life to tokens already launched and with a team already formed but lacking volume or visibility.
In both cases, it will be FP that has the ownership and will ensure the liquidity lock.

3) To allow creators, developers, designers … to take advantage of all the infrastructure to present their work and achievements.


Does the FP team intend to doxxed itself ?

All team members are already well known and recognized in the crypto world, on social networks.
At a distance from the launch, an audit will be carried out with KYC and by a third party company.


What about the Roadmap and the White Paper ?

Regarding the WP, it is not a priority for us in the sense that the team is transparent and has a clear vision of its project.
All the answers are transcribed in the website and are clearly stated in our AMA.
The Roadmap will be designed to inform our community. It will be updated as we go along.
There are already three initial threads:
o Launch of the first sponsored token,
o Launch of the DEX,
o Launching the launchpad.

At the launchpad launch, a white paper will be written to present the technical environment and the FalconPad ecosystem.


How long does FP own its sponsorship tokens ?

This duration is indefinite, however, if the sponsoring team wishes to take over ownership, it must explain and justify its request.
Afterwards, a vote will be organised among FalconPad owners. The final decision will then be made by the community.


100 millions SUPPLY, On what occasion will we see burns ?

Depending on the volume, the wallet, which is intended to do Buyback and Burn, could also be used to reinforce the launchpad cashflow and thus accelerate its production launch.
For burns it will be several times a week, it will be buyback and burn (it will be circulating supply that will be buyback and burned to reduce the supply and therefore increase the price).
There will be no announcement effect to avoid that some people wait for the buybacks to be able to dump the faithful holders.


Why did you choose cronos chain ?

The CRONOS blockchain has the advantage of having particularly low fees.
This makes it possible to hold a maximum number of FalconPads at a lower cost.
Moreover, the team believes in the potential and the margin of progression of $CRO and its blockchain.
The FalconPad project is the first of its kind in the CRONOS blockchain.


What are advantages of owning FalconPads (Token and NFT) ?

FalconPad is intended to be a rare token, with only 100 million tokens in circulation at launch.
A series of burns are already planned and integrated in the roadmap (6% Buyback and Burn fees) to reduce the supply and significantly increase the price of FalconPad.
In addition, holding FalconPad NFTs allows you to benefit from bonuses and advantages when launching partner tokens.
Secondly, the arrival of the LaunchPad will provide holders with allowances for the many launches planned.


When will Launchpad be launched ?

The creation of a launchpad is long, complex and expensive. It will take at least 6 months to implement.
For its creation, the constitution of a consequent treasury is foreseen in the tokenomics.
The proposed start date for the launchpad is December 2022.
The planned date is scheduled for Q3 2023.


How does FalconPad ensure the security of its partners token investors ?

The partner tokens will first be selected by the team, then it will be the community that can choose the team, the project…
A KYC will be carried out by the team, without disclosure to the community.
The ownership will be held by falconpad, which will also ensure the liquidity lock.
If the partner team wishes to take over the ownership, it will have to explain its choice, and the final decision will be made by the community through a vote.


Will the sponsored team have to inform FP of all its marketing and strategic choices ?

At random, the FP team may ask the sponsored team to explain a particular choice or a particular investment.
This is obviously to protect investors and for FP to maintain a good image as a breeding ground for talented projects.
Outside of the contract and the LP, FP is not a guarantor of the success of a project, the marketing choices and the strategic choices of its sponsees.

A turnkey solution but not hand-held 😉


More questions ?

You can contact us by :

– on our website : CONTACT